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What is it?

This is the GameJam version of CraftyCounty, made from scratch using the Godot Engine and Blender, by me, timkrief , in a week, for JamCraft. This is mostly a prototype to demonstrate the crafting mechanics.

By merging buildings you unlock new bigger ones which types are based on what were the building used to craft them.


  • Use your mouse to select a group of four buildings
  • Click to craft a new one out of them.
  • Hold middle button to rotate
    other ways of rotating the camera will be added soon for laptop users
  • Scroll to zoom.


This project is more a toy than a game. In an upcoming version you'll be able to select which building to place on the map, and to upgrade existing buildings, making it a proper game. Follow me here or on twitter to get news about this and my other projects.

Published 7 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorTim Krief
Made withGodot
TagsCity Builder, Experimental
Average sessionA few seconds


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Linux_CraftyCounty-byTimKrief-JamCraftVersion.zip 13 MB
MacOS_CraftyCounty-byTimKrief-JamCraftVersion.zip 13 MB
Windows_CraftyCounty-byTimKrief-JamCraftVersion.zip 11 MB


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Hi, just so you know, trackpad users can't hold the middle mouse button, so maybe adding a crtl+click or the right click to rotate could be nice so we can enjoy it without a proper mouse


That's so obvious I'm mad at me right now. Thanks for pointing that out, I will make sure to add that after the gamejam rating period ends.