A downloadable game in development for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Merge blocks, build town

Explore and build towns by merging group of four buildings to craft new ones. Discover new combinations to create unique structures and reach your city's goals. Use your dexterity to smartly handle the increasing flow of businesses and inhabitants joining your town.

An intense mash-up

This City-Building game also being a puzzle and dexterity one, will push you to your limits without bothering you with the complicated issues to handle that usually comes with traditional city-building simulations.

Stay tuned!

CraftyCounty was initially a submission made in ten days for JamCraft 4. For the moment, you can freely try an enhanced GameJam version which is like a digital toy that showcases the core mechanics but does not include any gameplay element.

The game is since January 2020 under active development for a full release. You can follow the progress in my weekly devlogs on YouTube, here on twitter and watch my daily streams if you are interested by the project.


The game is proudly made using free and open-source software such as Godot Engine and Blender, by me, @timkrief.

I'm also working on a side project at the same time:

Install instructions

The downloadable files are only enhanced game-jam builds that were published in January, the game is since in active development, those builds are not representative of the current state of the game. Follow me on twitter to get current news about the game. Stay tuned for the future release of CraftyCounty ;)


2019 GameJam build for Linux 40 MB
2019 GameJam build for MacOS 40 MB
2019 GameJam build for Windows 38 MB

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I would need more details on this bug, I never encountered it.


great game

can you check my demo puzzle game


The demo was fun had alot of unique things but I think a puzzle and a purpose would be good :)

Thanks for the feedback, proper goals and multiple playing modes will be in the full game ;) stay tuned

(1 edit) (+1)

WAITING the next step, good job


A fun little demo! The low poly models are really nice, and I really enjoyed finding all the different combinations. Lack of chill tunes & a restart button were a dissapointment though. Reminds me of that old 2048 game. also what is this font?

Thanks for your comment! The final version will have all of this and more of course ;)
If you're asking about the game page font, its "Sniglet"

Tune and restart shortcut were added in the last release, thanks for the precious feedback!

Hi, just so you know, trackpad users can't hold the middle mouse button, so maybe adding a crtl+click or the right click to rotate could be nice so we can enjoy it without a proper mouse


That's so obvious I'm mad at me right now. Thanks for pointing that out, I will make sure to add that after the gamejam rating period ends.


Thank you for the feedback, it was fixed in the last update 😉