CraftyCounty featured in Godot's showreel + updates

Hi everyone!

Godot Engine recently published its 2020's showreel and I am so glad CraftyCounty was featured in it. The other featured games are really impressive, good job to all game devs and engine devs! Here is the video:

Godot Engine is an amazing game engine, and I'm proud my game can be used to showcase how great it is. It means a lot and it motivates me even more to release an awesome game!

Times are rough, and it impacted the development a bit. But I'm still actively working on the game. I recently added the first non playable character to the game, Lola, and created a brand new animated sky box. Moreover, I know things are going to be back to normal in only weeks.

I can't wait to bring back my livestreams and start my devlog series.
Thank you for following CraftyCounty's development, and see you soon!

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Thank you very much :D