New sports related buildings models added

I've been 3D modeling sports related model for several weeks and I now have enough of them to try them in-game. In this video I show you how I deal with managing and exporting my models and most importantly, I demo the merging of the sports related models:

    1. Play areas will merge into a preschool.
    2. With some basketball courts you’ll get a gym.
    3. Multiple gyms will merge into, a skate-park!
    4. Some skate parks can merge into a swimming pool.
    5. And finally the biggest building in the game yet, the stadium!

    This is part of a weekly series and the next episode will be dedicated on a new merging mechanics. You can subscribe to the channel so you wont miss it.

    Thanks for following the development of the game.

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    I'll make a town only of Basketball courts
    Can't wait to play this !

    Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm :)

    You're welcome ^^