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i don't see the problem here, you have different choices dependent on different backgrounds, such as urban or rural, am i missing whats offending people?


Alright. Lets get to it.

I understand that this is a "life simulator" and that life involves politics. I understand that people are upset about this game, because of its vague political position evident in the wording being pushed at them.

I also know that people are defending the game and are trying to explain that its just trying to show the sad unfairness in the world.

Lets be honest, right here, right now. There is no political position, but there is a simple fact: that the author obviously does want to push that the world is unfair. However, its done badly. Life is chance, but it is not based on "privilege". Or, at least, the game depicts life as only dependent on it, which is entirely false.

That is all I got. I dunno lol. Just annoying, how people believe that believing certain privileges are a thing, makes you leftist, or political at all. Its upsetting, and like I said, annoying. Its an alright game, and the music is nice to listen to, so play it and you give your own thoughts, I guess.


Dudes love the song made with Beepbox

i use that alot 2


For all that don't understand: everything is meant to have a bad ending 


These comments.  Apparently being able to see the sad unfairness present in the world is a political position.  But the fact that you've offended so many people with such a simple game means you're on the right path.  Very well done, keep it up.


It only took one play to see the one sided-ness of the game with its clear left leaning message, life will never be fair for everyone, that's how it is, that's how it will always be, and no one is not subject to the unfairness, it doesn't matter if you are white, black, gay or straight, life is never fair.


very good


This game is really amazing, congrats!


this is unfair /s

a girl's parents were getting a divorce and the father was bisexual, and the girl married rose, a child hood friend, they lived happily ever after, until she was shot by a burglar.


A Africa Guy Bought a sports car and a police officer found me and i tried taking something out of my pocket, he thought it was a gun and shot me, LIFE IS RUDE ;(


i was black...........bought a gun.......stupid 6 year old shot me.

10/10 would be murdered by my daughter again

Same final




As a person who is a female film major who lived with her mom after her parents divorced, this game is not only spooking me out but is also pretty disheartening.


that's the point, to have all bad ends. its a joke 










SOOOO TEMMIE                           

                                           TEMMIE TEMMIE


wow what a very depressing view of the world!




wack ass game


Very interesting


cool game


I like how this game of "chance" has purely preordained results to every choice. As an asian person, I can never get to the city by following the law? As an african I can never live the american dream, giving my children a better future by saving and allowing them to inherit my hard work? As a female I can never find happiness with my loving husband? This is a really great propaganda piece. You should definitely invest more time and money into making this a game, so that everyone can give you an overwhelming negative score on Steam.


My thoughts exactly, it doesn't want to give freedom of choice really, just the dream of choice with a twisted motive.


Liked a lot the game, it is obviously very different from regular games and I appreciate it. I will always love the games that are loyal to the old days of gaming. The music and artstyle are the perfect combo to represent this. It is a little simple, maybe a little more illustration of the different ppaths you're going through would add up to it, but I still tink it's nice. Made a video about it if you're interested.


Good propaganda for being "tolerant"


I got all of the endings, I think. Thanks for making this <3  It would be cool if there was a trophy or gallery system to track if you've gotten all of the endings. I liked the diversity but it was a bit dark. 


Thank you for playing my game and good job in trying all possible ending. I am seriously thinking about making a full game out of this game jam experiment, and this feature would definitely be included.


is every ending a crappy one?


Why did you remove my comment?


DO NOT PLAY THIS! There are NO happy endings and there is a clear political message!


Fun game if you want to see the world through a young, naive European dude's eyes.

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This is game changed who I was as a person, because it made me realize how lucky I am. The difficult decisions that I was forced to make reminded me that behind every situation is a story of what could have been. My only complaint is that it gets repetitive fairly quickly, and randomizing more than just skin color would help a lot.


I laugh at the game, then I laugh even more at the comment. You guy triggered over a wall of text dude. let that sink in.


The music is very distracting


I don't understand it

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I'm surprised how many people like and disliked this game. Someone said this game was "Political Propaganda Garbage."Like chill you all.     This person worked hard on this game and your dissing it because of you political opinion.                                                                       I liked it even though Most of the views didn't follow mine.
Thank you more making it, it was  very enjoyable.


You either love it or hate it.

Deleted post

Political garbage.


Agree fam


I want my 4 minutes back. Not a game, it's just a text simulator, with the author's political ideas.

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