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A game about world inequalities, discriminations, GMOs, pollution, children with guns, and more.

This game was made by me, Tim Krief, for the Lowrezjam2017. The constraints was to use a 64 by 64 resolution.

Here's my website, my youtube channel, my twitter, and if you'd like to buy me an organic slice of pie, my patreon. Thank you for playing!

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Published 93 days ago
Release date 93 days ago
AuthorTim Krief
Tags16-bit, Cute, Life Simulation, lowrezjam2017, meaningful-choices, Nonlinear, Pixel Art, real, Story Rich, text-based
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsMouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone

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All i do is make the wrong choices and i die sadly :(


Hello! I loved your game, it was very thought provoking in its simplicity and looked great! I made a let's play alongside another game here~

good and iner-asing game


This is a really interesting game. 

How did you make the text so clear in 64 by 64 resolution?

This is an updated version with clear text. (The gamejam version's text wasn't that clear at all ^^)

I think I am offended maybe. But nice job!

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This game is a social commentary on how some lives can be very difficult. Please, explain why it offended you, maybe.

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Interesting game, but it does cover sensitive subjects (i.e. struggles with recovering from failure, suicide, family dynamics, etc.). I can see how it is a social commentary about life, though.


I loved how it teaches you about life with all these dark twist and turns, and the message at the and was pretty good too!


I liked it! Very simple, but clever.

Thank you for playing my game and reviewing it! Actually this game is a social commentary on how some lives can be very difficult. In many countries even if abortion is a right, it is becoming increasingly tough to get an abortion. I just wanted to underline this phenomenon. I'm in no way against abortion, I think to the contrary that women are not trusted enough to make informed decisions.


Very interesting and clever game! Well done.


Cute but sad, even though everything dealt with in the game is true.

The message at the end was good though!


This game leaves a good message, despite dealing with heavy subjects. It's pretty short, but direct! Nice :D


This was a cute little game.


This is really interesting. I love the message at the end :)