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A game about world inequalities, discriminations, GMOs, pollution, children with guns, and more.

This game and its assets were made in a week, 4 years ago, by me, @timkrief, for Lowrezjam2017. The constraint was to use a 64 by 64 resolution


If you like this game and want me to work on a sequel or a remake, you can support me on patreon and vote for me to work on this project here.

Release date Aug 16, 2017
Rated 3.2 out of 5 stars
(366 total ratings)
AuthorTim Krief
Tags16-bit, Cute, Life Simulation, lowrezjam2017, Meaningful Choices, Nonlinear, Pixel Art, real, Story Rich, Text based
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsMouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone

Development log


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this game is adorable!!


I'm confused, this game is very interesting, but why when we make a decision, we just die out of nowhere, or even when we make a good decision we still die out of nowhere.

it's about prejudice


This game has a really nice message, and is well made.

I understand that this game is pessimistic, but to some extent it is rightfully so. Many people face the challenges the characters face in this game.

Additionally, nowhere in this game does it claim that the character's stories are the stories of all people who share their origins. Instead, it simply asks the player to consider someone's past and the potential challenges they may have faced before judging them.

There are certainly problems with this game, but considering it was made in a week, and that it was made with admirable intentions, you should think twice before judging it too harshly.

Simple, concise, and gets its point across. Not for the easily depressed, however, since most endings are pretty sad and the game seems unwinnable by design, making it interesting for a few minutes at best.


It feels an awful lot like this game (or the creator) has some weird agenda. I'm not saying they do but that's what it feels like, especially after getting the death by GMO ending and the abortion ending.

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The ending you called "death by gmo" is actually a "death by weed killer" ending.


I keep getting the bad ending

I didn't get all endings, but I think all endings are bad, seeing the theme of "you start a business-business fails, you don't start a business-your life is sad"


kinda boring


i agree

Deleted post



I love this game, but I also think this is a one time game. I played 3 times, one for each possible character.

Despite the fact of being created around stereotypes I feel this is precisely what helps to reinforce the messages, because, while not everyone will expirience life like this, it shows what's the worst outcome, which people often tries to ignore.

The girl's one is one that specially connected with me; almost teared up knowing how the story would end (the equality rights one).




I just learned that reviews are invisible to other users for some mysterious reason only knows. ;) So I am posting my review here for the reference of others.

Rating: 2 stars

I do like the concept, and there are two things which would make this a 3- or even 4-star game:

1) Have someone check your grammar and spelling. There is a grammar mistake at the very beginning of every game, and I spotted a spelling error in the first five minutes of play.

2) Add more potential outcomes. I feel like the game's intended artistic message is diluted by the fact that so many (all?) the endings are unhappy ones. Also, remove or rework the ending message; it seems a bit pedantic. Good luck, and thank you for sharing your work with us!


So i totally can see and (to an extent) Appreciate what the creator was Attempting to Accomplish However My 1st Life Like questions in I got pregnant and then the next 6 questions were froemds, tennis coach, mother, doctor (who made me wait an additional WEEK to "think about it"!!!) trying to convince me not to get the abortion. Which my mother then disconnected from me aferwards. Then you tell me to be compassionate?! Jesus Christ... I like the concept but This has me floored! -10/10 


The point is to be compassionate to minorities and the less fortunate.
The situation you described happens to real people and those people deserve compassion.

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I guess the creator was a nihilist... (edit: i mean no offense)

but a rare good ending would've made the struggles on decision-making a 5/5.


If you choose to live with your dad, and then marry your friend, you can make equal rights stronger.

ohh... thanks!

The fact that the game considers that to be a bad ending is what makes me give it 1/5 stars. 

You have a good decade with the love of your life and then — at the cost of your life, admittedly — you help usher in real change that really benefits people? That's great! 

But the game thinks that it's a bad end for some reason. Sure, you die prematurely, but everybody dies.  

The game never tells you that an ending is good or bad.

The facial expressions at the end indicate "this is bad." If that was not your intent, then I think that you need to revise the game, because it's pretty clear from the comments that people think that there are bad endings and that every ending is (supposed to be understood as) a bad ending. 


Guys please understand this is a game about the life of oppressed minorities and putting things in a realistic perspective of a person who is not a white cis male.


thank you yes!


I feel... Sadness...

Deleted 1 year ago

They only had a 64 x 64 resolution and not that many colours to work with so that's why.

if ur mad because of the color of a race in a game then you should REALLY spend some time away from a screen


great game, didn't expect the fact that there aren't any happy endings but I really love how it represents reality, (well for the most) no matter what You do, no matter how things are going for you, yep, i forgot what i was gonna say, anyways great game!

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There are only 3 storylines, also the ending is always the same: there's no scenario where someone is happy. Pointless game


i dont think you understood. thats the point of the game growing up as not as a white cis male. the struggle in this world.


how depressing


Such an awesome game, the negative reactions are expected, since I think a lot of us get angry at this reality... but remember, this game is only a reflection of that, not a cause.



Decent game. Better than the comments would have you think. 


A lot of easily offended people in the comments, don't listen to them man Great Game!


Where is the ''Click to unborn'' option at

That would be suicide? :|
Considering all the people complaining about life being too brutal and sad that wouldn't be taken well :p


yo havent even played the game yet so after i do i hope i know why theres so much hate


yeah this game is shit lol




rubish game.


This game made me cry very much


Honestly though the message in general is fine this is a really unpleasant game. I don't understand why you would want to spread this sort of nihilism around


shut up


Since you seem to be the creator or some sort of relation or friend of theirs, could you explain the reasoning behind the game? I understand the temptation to look at the world through this lens, but it seems like the message very much contrasts to the rest of the game. It also seems like you tried to make it focus around representation and inclusivity, but then based all of it on really outdated stereotypes. All in all, a bit dodgy.


This is the worst game I've ever played.


hats very rude


idc, still bad game


the most egregious choice in this clusterfuck of offensive stereotypes is the move to make people of asian descent literally bright yellow


click to born


i very dislike the game it doesnt only insult people who try to good things for there selfs it makes you the bad guy for being as good as it alows


That's it how life works for many people, you get to be the bad guy even if you try your best.


i dont think you understood. thats the point of the game growing up as not as a white cis male. the struggle in this world.


Not gonna lie, as someone who has family outside of the States and has lived outside of this country, this game is not only reductionist but also extremely insulting.

Please, please educate yourself before producing something like this again. It's reducing people to minority stereotypes rather than treating them as people.


assuming the developer is in "this country" is very small minded and ironic

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I don't really care what country. I do think this attitude is more widespread amongst Americans, having lived here for a while both as a minority and as someone who lived outside the country, and it's really easy to see this kind of attitude from people here. Admittedly, they may be from some other country. I don't really care. 

But maybe pick a better fight than 'ohno she picked on America' instead of using ad hominem because you can't attack my points.


Did you just assume I was American? oh no.. youre making it worse

Deleted 2 years ago
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I would also like to add, which I missed in my last post...that putting this in "meaningful choices" is rather aggravating. And Story Rich is just straight up a lie.


A brutal but intresting game


Low key the dude was a fucking moron for leaving his gun out like that, that was the only ending that was entirely warranted


i get that this is a game jam game but dang this is depressing


I wish there was a happy one :(

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