The biggest update so far

I just published  the biggest update so far !

What's new? Almost everything!

  • There are now 3 space ships to choose from
    • space square is your good old ship
    • sphere saphire has some magnet abilities
    • sharp ship can slow down time
  • There is a new beautiful screen to select your ship 
  • There is a tutorial
  • The UI can be next to the ship or at the bottom of the screen, use H to switch from one mode to the other
  • You can share your score on the social networks with F for facebook and T for twitter
  • The asteroids have been re-designed, 
    • their color change with distance, try to discover new colors by beating your score
    • big asteroids are more dangerous than little ones
  • Game over screen is 2.5 times cooler !!!!
  • The title screen is different
  • A new in-game background style 
  • The Ship trail bug has been fixed
  • ...

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