You play as a space-ship and have to stay alive as long as you can, dodging or destroying asteroids. It's An arcade bullet-hell shooter without enemies and without bullets ! Nobody achieved 1 light-year score for the moment, it's the ultimate challenge.

Energy pellet
Magnet bonusAsteroidYour ship




Make you earn energy. You die when energy reaches 0Give you the ephemeral ability to attract pellets
Avoid those.
You can shoot them (short click or long click), but shooting cost some energy
Use mouse to move. You loose energy with time except if you are at max speed (hold space to use your power)

There are three space ships :

Spheric saphire

Equiped with strong magnets, additional magnets will repel asteroids. It's "space" power is to absorb energy by attracting them.

Space square

Balanced and capable of high speeds when using its "space" power. When it does so, doesn't use energy.

Sharp ship

Knows how to shoot. never equiped with mini magnets. Can slow down time with it's "space" but uses lots of energy to do so.

Developed from scratch in HTML5 and JavaScript. Leave a comment or donate to help me improve the game. Feel free to ask for features for next updates!

Huge thanks those who made reviews and gameplays

For any video of this game, make sure to give the link in description and to say "made by tim krief". And hit me on twitter if you want me to share it.


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I loved everything about the game! The  graphics, the design, the music, everything is just amazing and so great! 


A very fun and addictive game! You will find yourself playing it again and again to get a higher score! Just a tip: Hit space bar to go faster and not lose energy! ;)  GREAT GAME!