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There are only 3 storylines, also the ending is always the same: there's no scenario where someone is happy. Pointless game


how depressing


Such an awesome game, the negative reactions are expected, since I think a lot of us get angry at this reality... but remember, this game is only a reflection of that, not a cause.



Decent game. Better than the comments would have you think. 


This is a great game but It makes me sad


A lot of easily offended people in the comments, don't listen to them man Great Game!


Where is the ''Click to unborn'' option at


yo havent even played the game yet so after i do i hope i know why theres so much hate


yeah this game is shit lol




rubish game.


This game made me cry very much


Honestly though the message in general is fine this is a really unpleasant game. I don't understand why you would want to spread this sort of nihilism around


This is the worst game I've ever played.


hats very rude


idc, still bad game


the most egregious choice in this clusterfuck of offensive stereotypes is the move to make people of asian descent literally bright yellow


click to born


i very dislike the game it doesnt only insult people who try to good things for there selfs it makes you the bad guy for being as good as it alows


That's it how life works for many people, you get to be the bad guy even if you try your best.


Not gonna lie, as someone who has family outside of the States and has lived outside of this country, this game is not only reductionist but also extremely insulting.

Please, please educate yourself before producing something like this again. It's reducing people to minority stereotypes rather than treating them as people.


assuming the developer is in "this country" is very small minded and ironic

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I don't really care what country. I do think this attitude is more widespread amongst Americans, having lived here for a while both as a minority and as someone who lived outside the country, and it's really easy to see this kind of attitude from people here. Admittedly, they may be from some other country. I don't really care. 

But maybe pick a better fight than 'ohno she picked on America' instead of using ad hominem because you can't attack my points.


Did you just assume I was American? oh no.. youre making it worse

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I would also like to add, which I missed in my last post...that putting this in "meaningful choices" is rather aggravating. And Story Rich is just straight up a lie.


A brutal but intresting game


Low key the dude was a fucking moron for leaving his gun out like that, that was the only ending that was entirely warranted


i get that this is a game jam game but dang this is depressing


I wish there was a happy one :(

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This game overly simplifies...a lot. In fact, it manages to be rather racist itself in an attempt to speak against racism and comes off as very insulting towards any of the groups mentioned within it, not to mention it is...very contrived. No matter the stance about privilege, this is insulting.


ok, can you even BEAT this game? No matter how hard I try, I always end up dying lol.


of course you end up dying, it's a game of life, my guy. 


this game plays into oversimplified leftist views on the world ...


This game is very leftist for believing its not someones fault for being born poor

it is a very us vs them mentality , we do no wrong they do no right .


This game is the devil lmfao


The first one that i had was the girl who her parents were divorcing, that's totally me LOL

Even I got that first


one second you buy a gun next second you get shot in the balls by your child because she found it in the dawer 




i liked it, it made me sad of the realities. it took awhile to get all the endings since the rerolling was a bit of chance


This is so retarded, made by an obvious mega-SJW


thinking this way comes from a place of privilege :) also try to refrain from using the r-slur 


Retarded is not a slur


It is offensive though


this game was not the best because of lack of options therefore this is a 1 play kind of game


Oof this is such a brutal game ;~;

No matter what you do something goes wrong and you die sad. The best outcome was probably the Lesbian’s one, fighting for their rights and becoming a matyr.


agreed. this feels so pessimistic.


When i see "This game sucks" i instantly click the up arrow. No joke.


hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm is good but evil


Can we get a executable?


Trying too hard to make a point: The Game


Rule #1: Keep your gun safety on.


Very interesting way to quickly send a message!

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